Boat Curtains

Brass Hangers

I bent these brass hangers into sliders for my curtains.

The best time to buy a stock is when the price is low, the best time to buy fruit is when it’s in season, and the best time to prepare for winter is in the summer. That last tip is the focus of this post.

I plan to continue to live aboard Solace this winter. In addition to insulating the hull, I have also had the plan to create curtains for all the windows and hatches. When it was cold out, I would routinely hold my hand up to the windows to feel their temperature. I could visualize the heat getting sucked through the thin Plexiglas.

Boat Curtain Hangers

Bent and sewn to the fabric, I now have a way to hang and position my boat curtains!

Digging through my boxes of boat parts this spring, I found some blue cloth backed with rubber that my ex and I had scavenged at a thrift store. I believe the fabric was originally intended as table cloths, but the rubber backing makes them perfect material for boat curtains. The rubber prevents air flow around the windows and keeps condensation away from the fabric at the same time.

There are four cabin windows on Solace; two on port, two on starboard. There were curtain tracks above the windows, indicating that the boat probably came stock with curtains or was at least designed for them. Either way, they’re long gone now. Trying to search for replacement curtains or just the parts that slide along the tracks turned up nothing except an obscure part from an obscure manufacturer that *might* work.

Starboard Window

This is the starboard aft window. Notice the slide tracks mounted above and below it. This is where the new boat curtains will go.

Whenever possible, I like to adapt common parts to my needs. This ensures that I will be able to find replacements in whatever far flung part of the world I find myself in the future. To this end, I gave a go at fabricating my own sliders from brass picture hangers that can be found at any hardware store. These home-made sliders worked really well!

Sewing the sliders to the fabric by hand was incredibly labor intensive. However, it was also routine enough that I could do it while watching movies. A friend of mine recently impressed upon me the joy of doing small, hand-crafted projects like this. I must admit that embracing a tedious task, taking my time, and visualizing the longevity of the payoff of a task like this breeds a great deal of contentment.

DIY Boat Curtains

My completed boat curtains hanging. These will provide a lot of privacy and hold in a lot of heat in winter!

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  1. Diane says:

    I’m very impressed! I will be doing the same for our boat but I will use Velcro.

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