I have been boating for something like 55 years. I remember going with my dad to buy our first boat, found dusty and bird coated in a barn, wood, about 15' or 16' with a 40 hp ob. I recall my father fiber-glassing the hull and putting on a windshield during the first year of our ownership. Before that, My dad & his buddies would take me out with them on opening day of fishing in Eastern Washington. Somehow, I always got the pole with the fish on it! I learned to water ski on the Yakima River, behind the Prosser Dam. You had to watch out for carp. It wasn't long before we began boating vacations in the San Juan Islands. Mom, Pop, 3 kids, tents, coleman stoves and port-a-potties (the kind with plastic bags that were prone to break at the least convenient moment). There were usually 3 families, we always traveled together. This provided a certain degree of safety as well as diversity in activity selection. We got older, the boats gradually got bigger. Fifty years later, my parents are still boating, now with their 45' diesel cruiser, the "Rephyl." I have moved to the San Juans and with my wife, Sherrie, sail an older 32' Endeavour sailboat. I am an Eagle Scout, a mechanic, an outdoorsman, reasonably well educated with 2 college degrees, and in love with life! Some would describe me as a "renaissance man. I have 3 wonderful children, 3 more wonderful children from Sherrie, and a whole bunch of other "relatives." We are embarking on our dream of living as independently and as self-sufficient as we can. We have met and continually enjoy many like-spirited people with dreams similar to ours. Chris & Annie are not the least among them! As a long time boater, I would like to suggest that the most important rules are: (1) Be prepared; and (2) Always render help, comfort, assistance and friendship to any and all that you should meet on your adventures. Ken

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