As Good As It Gets?

Whiskey Apple Cider

Julie brought apple cider and Fireball whiskey with her for our weekend trip to Saddlebag Island.

Throughout my twenties, I was haunted by the question, “Is this as good as it gets?” Prior to my twenties, I was growing and the question never entered my mind. It was the introduction of adult nostalgia for high school that inspired that fateful, introspective question. For many people, high school seemed to be their ‘golden years’, as good as it got for them. That seemed really sad to me.

Later, in college, I met even more adults who reflected on their college days as the best years of their life. Again, it made me ask myself, “Is this as good as it gets?” College was challenging. I really expanded my mind and fell in love with the sensation of intellectual growth. I had sex with a lot of strange, beautiful women. But I didn’t, and still don’t, want to think of those years as the best of my life.

As I entered the workforce, I quickly learned that the majority of college graduates spend their lives in a parody of “Office Space“. It then made sense to me how people could view their younger years as the best of their life. I came to loathe the cubical dwelling lifestyle and gravitate toward simplicity, boating, and True Wealth as a possible escape route.

Now, at the ripe, old age of thirty-three, I feel that I’ve reached the best years of my life. My life is full of adventure, and I’m young and healthy enough to live that way. Weather it’s exploring a new forest in my camper van or the islands in my boat, my home is wherever I am. In a way, I own two homes, and they’re both paid for. I am very nearly, completely debt free.

Mixing Whiskey Cider

Julie mixes whiskey-cider in the dark as I work on building a fire.

My part-time job will bring in less than $1,200 per month, but it will be a steady paycheck. I have been practicing for the last two years to live on a budget of less than $1,500 per month. With my debt nearly eliminated and money in savings, I don’t anticipate much pain in tightening the belt a little tighter. Plus, I’m actively working on building up my freelance web design business to add to my income and move me towards a lifestyle of digital nomadism.

I was reflecting to a friend the other day that the personal infrastructure I set out so long ago to build is now complete. All my toys are in my possession, paid for, and working well. All I need to do now is maintain my cost of living. My nomadic lifestyle allows me to travel anywhere my whim wants to take me. And I benefit from the job security provided by that option, even if I choose to stay in Anacortes.

So, “Is this as good as it gets?” As I write this, I’m sitting in the sun, on my boat. I’m anchored in front of Saddlebag Island State Park. I’m the only one here and have the entire island to myself. My crab trap is soaking, catching my dinner. It’s Friday morning, and in the distance I can hear the sound of Anacortes coming to life for another busy day. I just poured myself a second cup of coffee. I’m still in my PJ’s. I think I’ll go for a sail later.

Yea, I think this is as good as it gets.

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  1. Yeah that sounds pretty good to me!
    (written from office cubicle…)

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