Ahhh… Summer

Depth Sounder

I finally got a depth sounder mounted and wired in. No more running aground! Yay!

I have to admit that this warm, sunny weather is making me feel like a worthless turd. Those sunny rays are my kryptonite. When they hit me, I melt into a quivering puddle of beer-drinking laziness. I can barely muster the strength to strike this keyboard.

I’ve gotten good over the years at transmuting frustration and disgruntlement into the fuel needed to push forward with boat projects. But I have no weapons against satisfaction and contentment. They leave me helpless, lazily basking, with no urges to do anything other than kick my feet up and enjoy life.

This last weekend is a perfect example. After work on Friday, I rode the tide through the rapids at Deception Pass and anchored up on the northeast side of Hope Island. I had ambitiously packed my wetsuit and dive equipment in order to harvest mussels off the rocks. A cursory inspection of the beach showed a bounty of mussels at the low tide line; plenty for dinner and no need to get wet.

What did I do with this extra time saved? Did I re-wire the power for my depth finder? No. Did I strip off the old lettering from the boats previous name? No. I played video games and watched movies…. all weekend. Only when I was in the strongest grip of restlessness and too much caffeine could I muster the ambition to ride the dingy to shore and hike around for a few minutes to stretch my unused muscles. The rest of the weekend I kicked my feet up and did nothing… and it was everything it could be: Wonderful.

small generator

Test running my new generator by powering the crock pot. It’s propped against the tire of my truck to keep it from ‘walking away’ due to vibration.

The onset of spring has served to highlight one huge advantage to living on a boat: no lawn to mow. One of the things I have always loathed about this time of year is how much work it takes to keep a lawn maintained. Giving up my lawn is one of the biggest time saving presents I’ve ever given myself. While my friends and co-workers lament on the effort they have to expend to stay on top of their lawns and gardens, I just crack another beer and smile.

I have managed to get one or two tasks completed in the last few weeks. The stock depth sounder had not worked in years. My friend had given me a Hummingbird depth finder, which is great, but would require the installation of a new transducer… that is until I pulled out my kung-fu electrical skills and figured out how to wire the new receiver to the old transducer. That electrical engineering degree manages to come in handy now and again.

I also came across this 30 pound, 800 watt generator and couldn’t resist the urge to purchase it. For years, I’ve been looking for a sub-1000 watt, super light-weight portable generator and I finally found one. This little Honeywell generator is not very quiet, and it wants to walk off due to the vibration, but it gets the job done. At some point in the future, I’ll mount it in the engine compartment and route the exhaust to a thru-hole. My intention is to have it mounted in such a way that I can run it in the engine compartment, or quickly disconnect it to take with me to the beach or on a camping trip.

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