Food and Foraging

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We live to crab

We like to eat. We like to fish, we like to clam, we like to oyster, we like to gather, we like to eat!

My mother once told me that cruising mainly involved the acquisition and preparation of food. Pretty much everything else was in furtherance of that primary goal. They have been doing this for a lifetime. From Seattle to Alaska, my father’s chart books are annotated with notes of where salmon, cod, halibut, oysters, prawns, mussels, crab, or other edibles may be found.

Our search towards independence and self-sufficiency re-enforces those early words of wisdom, uttered in a different context, but so true and relevant for any of us who strive for a sustainable lifestyle “off the grid.”

We are not yet anywhere close to being independent or “off the grid.” But, we like to eat and we spend a lot of time on our boat. At any given time, I probably have enough food stuff on board to last a month or more. I have 3 cooking wines, lots of spices and seasonings, pasta, rice, soup, tea, Marinara, potatoes, rice, etc…

While I do not have time right now to post any of the many wonderful and easy recipes that we regularly enjoy, (dinner is ready and I have to go), come back and look again for some quick, easy, one-pot delicacies that we enjoy and entertain with.

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  1. Make sure you post your Lingcod Tempura at some point. I love that recipe!

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